Pascagoula Bar Pilots' Association

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Captain Michael C. Torjusen
Captain Ronald T. Robertson
Captain Fredrick A. Lundy, Sr
Captain Walter W. Gautier
Captain Darryl E. Langley
Captain Daniel E. Whyte

The Role of Pilots

Pilots exist to ensure that ships are navigated safely. This is particularly important in restricted waters that are often treacherous where the expert local knowledge and experience of professional pilots is essential. Pilots have three main goals: to protect human life; to protect the environment; and to protect the asset - the ships and its cargo.

It is obviously a responsible job... lives and millions of dollars are at stake. Failure to do the job properly can cause irreparable damage to the environment and can certainly have far-reaching effects beyond that.

By anyone's definition, being a pilot is a tough job. It's mentally and physically demanding.

Not only are we accountable for the safe navigation of a tremendous variety of vessels, from supertankers to cruise ships, we also work in the worst climactic conditions and have to climb sides of ships to get to the job, often in dangerous circumstances.

It's not a job for those who desire a low-stress, 9-to-5 life. But, if the challenges are great...so are the rewards that come from knowing that you play a critical role in keeping the world's ships moving safely.