The Port of Pascagoula has been a center for trade activity since the early 1800's. There were pilots on hand to guide these ships as well, however little is recorded as to who these pilots were. We have information as early as 1895 that five pilots were licensed in the Port: J.J. Clark, Alfred Olssen, William H. George, A. F. Chastant, Charles Brash. The early 1830's saw the predominate commodity as cotton. Shipyards and sawmills began to establish themselves along the Pascagoula River and thus the lumber and shipbuilding industry was established. The early 1950's saw the establishment of imports in chemicals, crude oil, petroleum products, and fertilizer.

By 1955, The Pascagoula Bar Pilots Association was formed with the charter members being C.T. Torjusen, C.T. Torjusen, Jr., Henry Morton and William Dubuission. The Port of Pascagoula continued to grow through the early 1900's and today there are six full-time pilots: Donald A. Foster, 1975; Michael C. Torjusen, 1984; Ronald T. Robertson, 1987; J. Michael Lupton, 1990; Robert T. Baker, 1991; Joseph P. Mosso, 2000.

In selecting candidates to become apprentice pilots the Pascagoula Pilots accept only experienced working mariners that have already been qualified and licensed by the Federal Government as First Class Pilots. Training can last up to one year before recommending them to the Pilot Commissioners and Jackson County Port Authority for a full commission.

The Pascagoula Pilots are a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals who possess an exceptional safety record. The Bar Pilots take very seriously from the beginning and in the future their commitment to serve the vessels which call upon the Port of Pascagoula.

This page is dedicated to those whose professionalism and expertise come before us.

J.J. Clark (1895)
Alfred Olssen (1895)
William H. George (1895)
A.F. Chastant (1895)
Charles Brash (1895)
Charles Torjusen (1955-1956)
Charles Torjusen, Jr. (1955-1990)
Henry Morton (1955-1957)
William Dubuission (1955-1970)
Don Baker (1959-1963)
Ford Manning (1962-1974)
Jacob Foster (1965-1986)
Jim Ford (1974-1987)
J. D. Collier (1976-1991)
Ted E. Brown (1976-1993)
Michael J. Casey (1993-2000)